What's my story?

A versatile strategic thinker with over 15 years of experience in a range of creative fields, including pharmaceutical advertising, experience design, and publication design, I enjoy the challenge of building brands, mentoring & managing teams, and learning something new every day. And honestly, I get to do what I love—it doesn’t get much better than this!

Skill Set

A background in multiple industries has provided me with the opportunity to pick up a variety of skills, whether design-related or interpersonal, and I’m grateful for the broad perspective this range of experience has given me. One thing has remained consistent: it’s never boring.

Creative Direction
Design Strategy
Concept development
Graphic Design
Branding & Identity Design
Experience Design
Interactive Design
3D Design

My Approach

I’m a self-motivated, ambitious learner with a meticulous attention to detail. Practicing empathy in both leadership and strategic thinking, I strive to find the human truth that, when placed at the foundation, helps build successful teams and brands. Ask anyone I’ve worked with and they’ll tell you I love a challenge. I pride myself in working to make the impossible a reality, and rallying the support of others along the way.

  • Pharmaceutical Advertising
  • Experience Design
  • Publication Design
Pharmaceutical Advertising

Pharmaceutical Advertising

With 6 years of experience in Pharma, I’ve worked with clients like Sanofi Genzyme & Regeneron, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, Merck, Baxter and Shire to direct the conception, launch and production of global campaigns, develop corporate guidelines for global brands, and manage both in-house and freelance staff to ensure consistency and quality across multiple brands. Outside of client work, I’ve led the design and presentation of new business pitches, and participated in numerous internal initiatives to help build company culture and increase the skill set of the creative departments where I’ve worked. Although I am unable to publish any of this work, learn more about my experience in pharma here, or contact me for more information.

Experience Design

Experience Design

During my 7 years in experience and exhibit design, working with clients like Kodak, Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo, and Mars, I had a blast evolving my role from simple graphic designer to creative lead in the strategy, design and production of multiple large-scale, interactive and international projects. During that time, I was a key player in growing the Kodak account to more than 4x it’s original scope. Other examples of this work include creative direction at Photokina, 3D design for Wilmorite, and experience design for X-Rite’s Brand Experience Room.

Publication Design

Publication Design

After completing my Masters in Design while living in Italy, I worked for an international design magazine called MODO. Working as the sole designer, I developed thematic cover design and pagination of the 80+ page monthly publication, and updated the company website with release of each issue. This responsibility also involved coordination of project requirements with photographers, agencies and advertisers. See some examples of this work here.


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