Kodak’s Interactive Exhibit at PRINT09

Jeff Hayzlett, Kodak CMO, at the Pipeline

Winner of a Design Distinction Award in I.D. Magazine’s Annual Design Review 2010, I’m proud and honored to have been part of the team that worked on such a successful project. Working as an art director on a team that included representatives from Mirror Show Management, Obscura Digital, and Partners & Napier, I helped to design and implement an immersive digital experience for Kodak that debuted at PRINT09 and continues to have success touring with their exhibits. This flexible digital platform was created to replace Kodak’s heavy printing equipment at the shows, while providing attendees with an efficient and effective way to gather information on the newest products.

View MSM’s description of the project.

View Obscura Digital’s video of the exhibit.

“I have to believe the beauty and simplicity of the installation itself said at least as much to consumers about Kodak’s brand as the content it displayed.”

-Judge Brian Williams, I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review

PRINT09 Surface Tables

PRINT09 Pipeline of Innovation

PRINT Pipeline of Innovation

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