Sample RFP Presentation (5.8MB)

When one of MSM’s oldest clients went out to bid for RSNA 2010, we put together this presentation as a response. I worked to implement the client’s new brand campaign using the visual direction of a colleague, expanding this across multiple touchpoints pre-, during and post-show. I also constructed the interactive PDF presentation, supported the exhibit designers with visuals and direction for their renderings, and helped to write some of the copy in this presentation.

Sample Sales Team Presentation (2MB)

Using the client’s template, I developed this presentation for their sales team to explain the new interactive elements incorporated into the exhibit at Print09. This presentation was provided with more information in the notes section for the presenter, as I was unable to assist in the presentation. The interactive UI design was done in collaboration with Obscura Digital and Partners & Napier (the client’s agency of record), while the 3D exhibit design was developed by MSM. For more information on my role in this project, please view the portfolio PDF available under Art Direction.

Sample Concept Presentation (4.4MB)

Anticipating the need for innovation in one of our client’s award-winning exhibits, I worked with a small team to develop some interactive concepts to present to this client at the end of 2009. After researching trends in the industry, analyzing the possibilities of existing booth structure, as well as working directly with the account executive, project manager and client contact, I came up with a range of concepts. The VP of design at MSM came up with sketches to illustrate these ideas, which I then colored in and fleshed out with storyboards and other visuals. After constructing this interactive PDF, I assisted the account team in a series of in-person presentions to the client.