Front Row DVD

Front Row Video

DVD package design

The Front Row is a dynamic anti-gun violence video, filmed in coordination with the youth community of Rochester, NY. I worked together with the executive producer, Susan Morehouse, to create the visual design of the DVD packaging.

View the video here.


The video is marketed to high school students and challenges them to consider the three front rows they can offer their families:

  • the front row of their trial
  • the front row of their funeral
  • the front row of their graduation


Asking them,

“Which row will you choose?”


The video has been shared with Rochester City public schools, police departments, hospitals, clinics, and other relevant organizations; and continues to make a difference not only in Rochester but with extended reach outside of it’s original community. Police departments across the US have requested to use it as an example of grassroots community involvement in working to end gun violence.

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