Logo Design

Logo designs

A powerful brand identity is crucial to any business. Whether amplifying an existing brand, designing an identity for a new business, or redesigning a brand to bring it up to date, I enjoy the process of getting to know the customer’s vision and helping them bring it to life. The logos shown above are examples of the work I have done over the years.

Left to right, top to bottom:


Identity for a line of recycled products for an Italian environmental organization

Tropical Forest Group

Environmental advocacy group

Green Law International

Singapore-based law firm specializing in carbon economy

Metropolis Design

Line of products for aNYC transit tourism company

Roc City Cafe Racers

Vintage motorcycle repair shop

McNamara Construction

Home framing construction business

Upstate Minority Supplier Development Council

Business development membership organization

Sleep Insights

Sleep spa and laboratory

Brown Law Group

Arizona law firm representing condominiums and planned communities

Green Law Identity

Metropolis Identity Package

Brown Law Identity