Dual Identity

To kick off 2011, I thought I’d put up a recent freelance project or two. Currently freelancing full-time for an ad agency called Cline, Davis & Mann, I haven’t had as much time to offer my design services to others but am happy to show two of my favorite projects from this past fall.

When the portfolio manager and owner of a private, angel investment fund contacted me about providing an identity for his New York-based company, Ataraxy International, I was interested to know more not just about his company, but about Nomad Yogi, another off-shoot of this brilliant person’s unique personality. It became clear to me that there needed to be TWO identities created, each separate and different from the other, but sharing similar design elements. One of Yossi’s requests was that the business card share information for both of these identities. Once the two icons were created, this calling card made sense visually and I believe Yossi was happy with the result.

Below is a suggestion for the application of the new Ataraxy identity to the website in it’s current state at the time of this project.